Form ADV Part II

The Form ADV Part II (“Firm Brochure with supplements”) is a required disclosure statement that Registered Investment Advisors must provide to current and prospective clients.  To request a copy of our Form ADV Part II, please contact Brian D. Lowder, Inc. at


Business Continuity Plan 

Brian D. Lowder Inc. recognizes the importance of the relationship we have with our client(s) and the need to maintain this relationship during periods of potential disruption. To ensure that we are able to respond to various types of disruptions, we have developed a Business Continuity Plan to identify and convey how we will react to certain events that disrupt our business. 

We recognize that certain events (disruptions) are unanticipated but have the potential to occur. These events (disruptions) are usually unforeseen and range in severity.  Our Business Continuity Plan covers a wide range of disruptive events, from minimally disruptive (such as brief losses of power) to highly disruptive (loss of our actual physical location). 

If a disruptive event is abnormally long or we are unable to restore normal operations within the timeline anticipated, our clients will always have access to their investment portfolios through our custodian Charles Schwab (1-800-425-4000). If your account is held at another custodian (other than Charles Schwab), contact them directly (a toll-free number is usually located on the statement). 

Our goal is to protect our employees, property, client’s/firm’s records, and return to normal operations as readily as possible. Our Business Continuity Plan covers: client record back-up and recovery, software and computer functions, establishing contact with clients, employees, and regulators, deploying an alternate physical location and resuming normal operations.

Our Business Continuity Plan is reviewed annually to ensure any changes in our business, industry regulatory changes, technology, operations, structure or location. 

Contacting Us – If after a significant business disruption you cannot contact us at (858) 794-6800 or , you should contact the investment company as noted on your investment statement.