Financial Planning

The goal of financial planning is to make optimal use of your financial resources and help you attain your life goals.  Financial planning is a process of determining where you are now financially, where you would like to be, and developing a strategy for getting you there.  The most effective approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation in five primary areas:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Investments
  • Income Tax Planning
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning

Employee benefits, stock options, IRA distribution planning, real estate acquisitions, and Goal Funding objectives such as college education funding are other important areas that may need to be addressed.

Our specific areas of expertise are retirement planning, IRA distribution planning, investment management, income tax planning, and goal funding.

We may recommend or you may choose to have us analyze your complete financial situation all at once, or you may elect to have us focus on resolving specific areas of immediate concern.  Many of our clients initially sought help with a particular goal or concern and subsequently asked for advice in other areas.  Regardless of the scope of services provided, our financial plans are concise action-oriented plans that present and assess alternatives and recommend specific courses of action.  You will receive specific written instructions on what needs to be done and how to do it.  You may choose to have us personally implement the recommendations or perhaps just assist you in the implementation process.  Continued monitoring of progress toward your financial goals is a critical element in helping you attain those goals.  Periodic reviews help to insure that our strategies are still on target, even as your personal situation, tax laws and the economic environment changes.