Investment Management

Building, preserving and managing your investment portfolio are key elements to attaining your financial independence objectives. Insights gathered from the financial planning process are valuable inputs to successful investment management.

The best approach to Investment Management begins with a comprehensive assessment of your financial objectives, risk tolerance, income tax status and other personal circumstances.   Our assessment is presented in the Investment Policy Statement along with our recommended portfolio design, strategy, investment selections, implementation schedule and agreement for continued monitoring of your investment portfolio.

Portfolio adjustments are made when necessary to reflect changing market conditions, new investment opportunities, or changes in your needs or circumstances. This comprehensive approach is what distinguishes our services from other financial service providers. We view investment management as a long-term process, not a series of short-term trades and disconnected actions.

Investment Management services are provided on a fee-only basis. Client fees are agreed upon in advance and are based upon the investment strategy, portfolio size, composition and complexity. You will receive quarterly performance reports with detailed descriptions of your investment holdings, current values, cash flows, and portfolio performance. Detailed reports classifying income and capital gains for tax purposes are also included.