Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the blueprint for achieving and maintaining financial independence.  For individuals and families in the beginning stages of the wealth building process, this analysis will quantify the required savings and resources that must be accumulated annually to achieve a target standard of living at retirement.  For individuals in their peak earning years, this analysis will determine if sufficient assets and other sources have already been accumulated to retire and maintain a specific standard of living.  During retirement, individuals and families must plan to preserve and maintain their standard of living for the rest of their lives.  This analysis will illustrate the long-term impact of various spending levels on your investment net worth.  The projections are useful to help you prevent depleting your investment net worth prior to your life expectancy.  Larger family wealth situations may require advanced estate planning calculations and simulation analyses.

Building family wealth and transitioning to retirement is a core planning objective and a key component in all financial plans.  The results of this analysis will provide you with the necessary steps, the available options, and specific recommendations to achieve and maintain your financial independence objectives.