Our Philosophy

The financial planning process is the foundation for making better financial decisions.   Building and preserving your wealth is best accomplished through the investment management process.  We believe specific areas of financial planning can be addressed in isolation and the investment management process can be applied successfully without valuable input from the financial planning process, but the combination of both disciplines is the key to successful wealth management.

We believe an advisor’s fiduciary role requires the removal of as many conflicts of interest as possible by first rejecting all commission income, referral fees or any compensation which is contingent upon selling a client on a particular course or financial product.  Educating our clients about their financial circumstances, alternative courses of action, and the reasons behind our recommendations helps to insure they are informed participants in the achievement of their financial goals.

Our investment philosophy places a high priority on portfolio diversification, fundamental investment analysis, long-term holding periods, minimizing expenses and infrequent trading.  Individual circumstances and financial objectives are important criteria when selecting active, passive or combination of both investment strategies.  We view investing as a long-term process, not a series of short-term disconnected actions.