Our Clientele

Our clientele encompasses a broad range of occupations and ages; however, they do share some similar qualities. Our clients tend to be those who appreciate knowing the bottom line, attention to detail, and receiving timely responses to their questions and concerns. Many clients want to be involved with and/or part of the decision-making process, but lack the time, temperament or knowledge to oversee the entire wealth management process on their own.

Others are facing a major financial decision or life transition and are seeking technical expertise and personal attention from professionals whose services they engage. The majority of our clients identify retirement or financial independence planning as the most important services received. While financial independence planning is certainly our specialty, we offer a wide range of services specifically designed for:

  • Individuals approaching retirement or financial independence
  • Parents wishing to fund their child’s college education
  • Individual and Corporate Retirement Plans
  • Executives and Professional
  • Business Owners
  • Retirees
  • Trusts